Introducing…Lisa Bishop, Food Stylist

Hi all,

They say behind every good food photographer is a good food stylist. I work with great stylists!

Hine-Photo-Lisa-1I would like you to meet Lisa Bishop. She is my No.1 stylist. We have been working together almost 20 years—longer then most marriages—back when her college-bound daughter was still a bun in the oven. Today she also has a son getting ready for his final year in high school. I think they’ve got a cat too!

I consider Lisa a partner not just for her styling abilities, but also for her eye for design. We have worked together so long that she knows what I like to see with the food shots we create without compromising her aesthetics. It’s great to have a second pair of eyes. I believe teamwork creates the best images.

Lisa has a B.S. degree in Food Science from Iowa State and has studied chef’s techniques at the Culinary and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. One of her specialties is ice cream. She is a top recipe developer and works with a slew of clients designing recipes.

Over the years, I have found her many talents have helped me serve my clients in the best possible way. Check out her web site for her additional  work.

And she owns her own power tools!

T. J.

Hine-Photo-Set-up-1   Hine-Photo-Computer-Screen

Hine-Photo-Lisa-3   Hine-Photo-Lisa-styling

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