National Skydiving Championships – Recap

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Team-pic Nationals is almost over and what a great event! We started out a little rough with the first two days being hampered by weather, but great days on Saturday and Sunday (albeit a tad cold) put us back on schedule to start 8-way Monday morning.

Intermediate-DrawA briefing was held Sunday evening, and my team—Adrenel8!—was given No. 1704; we would be on the second load in the morning. We got the draw (the skydive formations we would be required to do), and we spent time walking through each formation from jump No. 10 to jump No. 1. We felt confident in the draw and headed to bed early; we had a 6:15 a.m. call, with “wheels up” at 7.

It was not to be…rain stalled jumping Monday morning, by 2 in the afternoon, we were released for the day, with another 6:15 a.m. call the next day.

Tuesday morning was blue skies and brisk temps—with some pretty wet grass! The first plane took off at 7:00; Adrenal8! was in the air by 7:10. We had a great first round, and the competition was on. Omni-Skore-finals-chartWe finished 8 jumps that day with Motiv8 having a substantial lead. Adrenal8! was in a tight race for second with Octo-Gun, which carried into the last dive the following day. Luckily, even with a bad 10th jump, we beat Octo-Gun by one point to take the silver medal.

Congrats to Motiv8 and Octo-Gun for a terrific competition and a shout out to the guest team from Qatar, which ended up with enough points to take second. (Guest teams cannot medal in the U.S. Nationals.)

Check out more scores and pics at and

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