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Unlike most sports, skydiving does not often get the recognition in the press, unless it’s a tragedy. As the 2014 jumping season comes to a close, I would like to send out kudos to the jumpers around the world that have garnered accolades.

There have been many state records across the country this year, which include every discipline—sit fly, head down, canopy piloting, and belly flying. Congratulations to each group that took the time to organize a record in their state and at their DZ.

Congrats go to the POPS sequential record, held in Eloy, AZ, in April, for building a 2-pt 62-way formation, although that record was short lived. A POPS group bested the 62-way with a 2-pt 72-way in Deland, FL, at the beginning of November. I was a part of that formation!

Two groups get special congratulations for outstanding accomplishment. First, a group of woman skydivers converged on Eloy and built two World Records—Women’s Sequential and the World Sequential—beating the 2-point 106-way made in Deland in 2013 with a 2-point 117-way.


Women’s 2-pt World Record. Photo courtesy Gustavo Cabana

Secondly, a German contingency invaded Eloy in early November and set a German National Record of 214.

One of the greatest accompaniments in our sport in recent years was Felix Baumgartner’s record-breaking high altitude jump of 127,852 feet set in October 2002, besting the previous record set in 1960 set by Joe Kittinger.

In October 2014, Alan Eustace broke the World Record for Highest Altitude Skydive by jumping from a balloon at 135,890 feet over Roswell, NM. He also earned the world record for speed, reaching Mach 1.23.

Congratulations to all the teams from around the country (and a couple international) that competed and won medals in the U.S. National Skydiving competition held in September at Skydive Chicago. My 8-way team won Intermediate Silver!


Silver Intermediate—Capt.; Chuck Finley, Sally Finley, Me, Chad Follis, Video; Henrik Csüri, Amy Romig, Casey Wiggins, Missing; Lisa DeSimone

We are already seeing plans to break records in 2015. Try-outs are under way for a world record head down formation of 170 coming to Skydive Chicago in July. A 2-pt 202 is also in the works and talk of a 3-pt large formation is being considered! Looks like another great year for records being broken.

Currently the world championships are under way in Dubai—good luck to all competitors and come back home safely and with medals.

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