TJ-PicT. J. Hine Photography celebrated its 30th year in business in 2014, successfully producing dynamic food and beverage images and vibrant product shots for a customer base that includes consumer product companies, retail catalogs, web sites, restaurants, and food distributors, as well as cookbook and magazine publishers.

With an expert’s eye for detail, composition, and design, T. J. creates appetizing food photos, dramatic pours and splashes, elegant tabletop shots, and product packaging that provides plenty of shelf appeal.


A native of upstate New York, T. J. makes his home in a circa-1890 Victorian house in Chicago’s Old Irving Park neighborhood with his wife and a rescued mutt named Banjo. He is an active member of the Old Irving Park Assn., and for many years, he designed, produced and photographed for its monthly neighborhood newsletter.

T. J. also serves on the board of Chicago Creative Coalition, an educational and networking organization for communication arts professionals. He is a past-president and currently functions as director of special projects.

T. J. also dabbles in fine art photography and woodworking. Frustrated with the types of photo frames available in the marketplace, he recently turned his attention to creating new works of art from reclaimed wood, constructing frames for photographs, and then moving to mirrors, and more. He enjoys finding new and creative uses for everyday objects that have served their original purpose.

In his spare time, T. J. enjoys jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and has made more than 5,000 skydives, holding numerous formation records and medals. When on the ground, T. J. enjoys the game of golf, but in this sport, his accomplishments leave a lot to be desired.