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Skydiving Accolades

Hi all, Unlike most sports, skydiving does not often get the recognition in the press, unless it’s a tragedy. As the 2014 jumping season comes to a close, I would like to send out kudos to the jumpers around the world that have garnered accolades. There have been many state records across the country this…

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National Skydiving Championships – Recap

Hi All,  Nationals is almost over and what a great event! We started out a little rough with the first two days being hampered by weather, but great days on Saturday and Sunday (albeit a tad cold) put us back on schedule to start 8-way Monday morning. A briefing was held Sunday evening, and my…

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Skydiving – Lesson 2: Competition

Hi all, With the US National Skydiving Competition coming up in two weeks I thought I would explain to my Wuffo friends what my 8-way team has been practicing for. The United States Parachuting Association states on their web site ( that parachuting competition dates back to at least 1930 in Russia, where jumpers demonstrated…

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Skydiving — Lesson 1

Hi all, I have said one of my longtime passions is skydiving, so I want to introduce all non-skydivers to my sport. July is a busy jumping month for me with 4 weekends of boogies* and planned jumping events. First, a little history of the sport borrowed from Parachuting: The Skydiver’s Handbook, by Dan Poynter…

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